How to Write a Great Awards Nomination

Being a finalist in the Business for Calderdale Awards has lots of benefits; it’s great for raising the profile of your company and having an endorsement about the quality of the product or service you are providing which attracts new customers and helps retain existing customers. Plus, it is great for staff moral and gives everyone a boost. Who doesn’t like to receive the recognition they deserve for working hard and being successful?

Writing a good nomination is crucial in making sure that you come to the Judges attention for all the right reasons. Remember, the Business for Calderdale Awards are not a popularity competition, it’s not about the number of nominations you receive, it’s about the quality of your nomination.

We would recommend that you submit one really well-crafted nomination rather than 100 nominations that lack substance.

Here are some things to take into consideration when you are writing a quality nomination.

Make sure you fit the criteria for that category.

It might sound obvious, but make sure that you include evidence of how you fit the criteria. You might need to include financials, turnover figures so you can demonstrate year on year growth, employee numbers, examples of strategies and results, but make sure you include what is necessary to make it clear how you fit the criteria and deserve to win.

Include your achievements.

Have you had a record growth in sales, won industry awards, or have accolades from prestigious customers? Clearly outline what impact and difference you have made whether it be to customer service, to your employees, philanthropy, or sustainability journey.

Give solid evidence.

Show evidence to support your claim that you meet the criteria. This could be other Awards or accreditations, links to articles, case studies, your annual report, or customer or employee satisfaction surveys.

Include examples of what sets you apart from your competitors

If you are innovative, have seen high growth, pushed boundaries or taken brave risks that have paid off, are thought leaders in your industry, have a unique strategy, or have a groundbreaking invention or patent, include this information.

Include examples of the difference you make.

What impact do you have on the industry, local community, employees, and what importance do you have for your customers? Do you have a successful Environmental, Sustainable, and Governance (ESG) strategy that you are reaping the rewards from implementing? If you are making a social impact as well as to the local economy, include evidence of that.

Tell your story showcasing company values.

Often a business’ biggest asset is it’s people so make sure that you convey your values and culture so the Judges can see your progress and appreciate the journey that you have been on.

Tell us what sets you apart from your competition.

We are looking for businesses that truly go above and beyond, they don’t just deliver what they say they will in the timescale you expected to a fair price. Let us know what additional things you do, or what you do differently that makes you a deserved winner.

Make it easy to read.

Present your nomination in a concise and clear manner. The Judges have to go through hundreds of nominations so make it easy for them to understand. Remember to check your grammar and spelling. Asking someone else to check your nomination can be useful as they can spot if you have left something out that the Judges might want to know about.

Get professional help.

Of course, writing award nominations might not be what you are good at doing. You may decide to use a PR agency to write your nomination.  You give them the information about your achievements and can leave it to the professionals to craft your entry.

Give yourself enough time.

Finally, don’t leave it until the last minute! You might think that you have ages but time has a habit of running away. You don’t want to rush your nomination and miss a vital piece out, so why not schedule some time in your diary and give it the attention it deserves?