Calderdale Rising

FAQs Calderdale Rising:Cacal ris vid

  1. What is it?

A collection of businesses have come together to collaborate on a fundraising & promotional exercise for their businesses. It is listed on

  1. What is Crowdfunding?

In this case it’s both donations & rewards ie products or experiences that people can buy. Often exclusive to the site or at preferential prices.

  1. Who are the businesses?

There are just over 100 of them from across Calderdale, that have chosen to be involved & met the criteria.

  1. What was the criteria?

– based in Calderdale

– significant loss of SALES ie more than 20%

– any size/type of trading business, normal annual turnover >£50k

– not promoting their own crowdfunding campaign

– ability & willingness to promote this campaign through a mixture of:

Social media following on twitter, facebook, instagram & linked in – personal & corporate; email contacts with current & past customers, suppliers, trade bodies etc; editors/journalist details for trade press, magazines & online forums (can be advised how to obtain these); posters to be displayed in shops or wherever!; anything else you can think of

  1. How will the money be distributed?

A share of the fund will be given to each business involved, according to when they joined the campaign

  1. Can businesses still join the campaign?

No, launch businesses went live on Fri 15th Jan; 2nd phase of businesses joined on Fri 22nd. The deadline for new businesses enquiring has now passed. These 102 businesses will remain in the campaign until it closes at lunchtime on Friday 12th February.

  1. What fees are there?

2.5% from crowdfunder (reduced from 5%)

No other admin or professional fees or commitments going forward.

  1. How do you know you have reached everyone?

Since 5th Jan we have been promoting the existence of this campaign through social media, emails, council, word of mouth & leaflets. We have contacted over 1,000 businesses, just over 200 asked for info; around 120 completed the registration survey before deadline. This fundraise is optional & has been open to all Calderdale businesses that meet the criteria, and some inevitably won’t want to take part or don’t meet the criteria.

  1. What can I do to help?
  • Look at the page
  • Donate or buy a reward if you are able
  • Share & promote widely
  1. What’s in it for me?
  • Knowledge you are helping a large number of businesses in Calderdale who are employers & the heartbeat of our towns/villages
  • Pride that this campaign is demonstrating the diversity and the beauty of our towns
  • Helping to promote the local economy generally